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Install Mexican and Terracotta tile in your home to create a beautiful floor that compliments any type flooring as well as most types of decor and color wall paint.
How we clean your Mexican and Terracotta tile to restore the original finish and then seal your floor and grout to protect it from stains, and and frequent from traffic.
We can match you tile’s color with a professional repair job or replace the damaged or broken tile with new replacement. Read more about repairs.
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mexican tile and saltillo tile history   mexican tile and saltillo tile history

The history of Mexican saltillo tiles.

Genuine Mexican clay tile has been made by the Tlaxcaltecas Artisans in Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico since around 1580. The clay in these tiles exists only in Saltillo and is not found anywhere else in the world.

After the clay is dug, it is placed in a mixing pit where it soaks for a day to soften. It is then thoroughly mixed. Newspaper is first placed on the ground to give the bottom of the tile a smooth surface. Then the appropriate size water-soaked mold is placed on the paper. The clay is then hand-pressed into the mold. When the clay firms a bit, it is screeded with a water-soaked wood trowel to smooth the surface. The tiles are then left to dry in the sun for several days. During this initial drying process dogs, birds, leaves, etc. imprint the soft clay adding to the character. When the tile is firm enough to pick up, it is hand stacked on edge in a kiln in a honey comb pattern. It is then fired in the kiln using propane, diesel, crude oil, etc. They are allowed to cool, then crated and shipped. The whole process is done by hand with no machinery involved. Quite unique in today’s world. Therefore each piece has its own character, no two Mexican tiles in the world are alike.

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